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Introductory Welcoming

Hello and welcome to Freeware Finders. We offer direct links to free programs and software of all kinds. Including Midi's, anti virus, web designers, games, picture editors, clipart, OS tools, word processors, and much, much more!

To get free downloads, look to the left margin, and pick a topic. No hassles--just download freely. 

News and Announcements

Currently there are no new announcements.

    News as of 11-19-04: No new news. Site links being updated and processed. Much more to come.

  News as of 11-21-04: Site links reformatted. Website Links page added. Many new links coming, including more options and more freeware categories. Expected next month. 


Why should I use Freeware Finder? 

There are a number of reasons. However there is one reason that makes us stick out from all of the rest--Customer Service. We test all of our freeware that is directly downloadable from our site. Not only do we make sure the program is right for you but we also allow you to see where the program comes from by providing an easy to click link, and we offer highly specialized ratings for the optimum programs, and give descriptions of each downloadable program or link explaining its major highlights and disadvantages

We also make sure your able to find the program your looking for by providing links to other freeware sites or find it for you.

If you cant find it, we can! Email us or write us a comment!


Freeware Finder's Q & A

How do I download freeware?

 A: From the left margin click on the desired category and find the optimal program you want by reading the program's brief information and rating.

What are our 6 goals?

A: Because of our 6 goals, we're a popular freeware site:

1. Our freeware is 100% free

2. We promote only legal software

3. Everything is easily accessible 

4. Our visitor satisfaction is guaranteed

5. We make sure everyone finds what they're looking for

6. We update almost daily.




New programs update! Try these!

  • Spybot! 

  • Test solutions

  • Big one





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